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Prevent and stop cavities in their tracks with professional, safe, and effective fluoride services

Fluoride is a safe and natural cavity-fighting powerhouse! So, it is an excellent fit with our truly gentle approach to dentistry. And while fluoride is a naturally-occurring mineral, due to its proven effectiveness at preserving the strength of the teeth, it is added to everything from toothpaste to municipal water supplies and fortified foods. Additionally, Dr. Ria C. Sahara may recommend supplementing fluoride as both a preventative and restorative service; for instance, such treatments may be advised to conservatively remineralize teeth that are weak and vulnerable to further decay and damage. 

Professional fluoride at Gentle Dentistry of Newnan PC, Georgia

The professional services available at dental offices vary. We can select from fluoride varnishes and foams to fluoride rinses and gels. As with every service at our practice, Dr. Sahara will review your treatment options. So you can feel comfortable with every step of your oral health journey with us and make the most well-informed decision about treatment. 

Dr. Sahara also offers SDF, another “flavor” of fluoride supplements that stands for “Silver Diamine Fluoride.” This solution is formulated with fluoride and silver, which kills harmful bacteria, and ammonia which aids in concentrating SDF. The more concentrated the solution, the more effective it is at fighting the development, growth, and spread of cavities. SDF is an easy-to-apply, non-invasive, well-tolerated tinted liquid (the tint further helps Dr. Sahara to apply the solution to damaged tooth surfaces precisely). 

In general, fluoride in all its forms at our office is safe and plays an important role in our valued patients’ long-term whole-body health and well-being. It is a vital preventative service for children during their formative developmental years and adults with a risk factor for decay. We can furthermore use supplemental fluoride to prevent the need for bigger, potentially costly restorative treatments to resolve deep infections or to replace teeth that are lost due to severe decay. So, fluoride is also an economical solution! 

Contact our friendly team in Newnan, GA, to learn more about fluoride treatment. Our office can be reached at (470) 686-6667. We welcome your questions and look forward to meeting you!

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