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Protecting and preserving your smile and well-being with custom nightguards

Preventative dentistry supports gentle dentistry. At Gentle Dentistry of Newnan PC, Georgia, Dr. Ria C. Sahara is often the first professional to notice the potential signs of bruxism, the medical term for chronic teeth grinding. Bruxism can “show up” on the teeth as excessive chips, cracks, receding gums, and general wear and tear. Other red flags include dental work, such as fillings and crowns, that tend to wear well before their time.

With our proactive, painless, and precision approach, Dr. Sahara can non-invasively, affordably, quickly, and effectively prevent the many potential complications of bruxism with nightguards.

Oral appliance therapy

Nightguards are a type of oral appliance. This is just a way of saying that a small device is worn orally or in your mouth. Unlike off-the-shelf or boil-and-bite-style oral appliances available online or at the store, Dr. Sahara designs a custom nightguard. These “guards” are fitted to the unique contours of specifications of your mouth. This makes a real difference in your comfort and in the ability of the guard to properly protect your teeth, gums, and other oral tissues from the excessive pressure and strain placed on them due to persistent teeth-grinding behaviors.

The “night” part of the term “nightguard” comes from the fact that many patients who grind their teeth do so at night while sleeping. For this reason, people often don’t realize they have a problem with the condition until after a dentist like Dr. Sahara points out the signs to them.

 One important note: Teeth grinding doesn’t “just” occur at night. Some people may also grind their teeth during the day, especially when concentrating deeply or stressed out. There are many different oral appliance designs that may be appropriate for those who brux during the day.

Also, many of our patients from across western and central Georgia appreciate the value they get from professionally designed nightguards. We use durable and high-quality materials. Dr. Sahara also inspects nightguards and other appliances at every dental appointment. She provides tips on how to ensure the longest lifespan for your guard.

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Welcome to Gentle Dentistry of Nonan PC, where we provide comprehensive dental services to Nonan, Georgia and the surrounding metro Atlanta area. One of the effective solutions we offer for clenching and grinding is occlusal guards. These guards not only provide relief, but also protect your teeth from damaging effects of Bruxism. Clenching and grinding can cause tooth wear, fractures and jaw pain. Our occlusive guards create a barrier between your upper and lower teeth, preventing them from coming into contact and reducing the impact of grinding forces. Whether you’re already a patient or considering becoming one, we highly recommend occlusive guard as a preventive measure against clenching and grinding.

For the health of the “whole you”

The effects of bruxism transcend the appearance and function of the teeth and gums. Patients who grind their teeth are also at increased risk of developing temporomandibular joint disorders (TMJDs). The symptoms of TMJDs range from chronic tension headaches and migraines to persistent pain and soreness in the face, jaws, neck, back, and shoulders. Without treatment, the symptoms can become worse and be quite debilitating.

We encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sahara immediately if you are due for your check-up or if you suspect that bruxism may be to blame for your chipped teeth, crowns, headaches, and other problems that affect your well-being and day-to-day function.

Achieve or restore your goal smile and goal health! Call (470) 686-6667 without delay to schedule your consultation at Gentle Dentistry of Newnan PC today.

Dr. Ria Sahara

Dr. Ria Sahara is dedicated to providing the highest quality dental care. She graduated from the University of Michigan with a Bachelor of Science and a Doctorate of Dental Surgery. Dr. Sahara completed an Advanced Education General Dentistry Residency at the University of North Carolina, where she acquired the most recent dental methodology and techniques, focusing on comprehensive care planning.

Dr. Sahara is licensed to practice in Georgia after passing the North Eastern Regional Boards. She has been in the field since 2007. Dr. Sahara is a member of the American Dental Association, the Georgia Dental Association, the North Georgia Dental Society, and the TLOD APC Atlanta Peachtree Chapter, which is recognized for giving back to the community and is particularly proud of its mentorship program.

Dr. Sahara eagerly anticipates helping you with all your oral needs with gentle care while ensuring your trust is always in excellent hands, regardless of what you require!

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