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Gentle dentistry supports cavity prevention, conservative treatment with tooth colored fillings

Gentle Dentistry of Newnan PC has exceeded expectations by living up to our name! Through the years, we have transformed many patients’ perceptions of dentistry. Before visiting Dr. Ria C. Sahara and our team, many of these patients from western and central Georgia had not seen a dentist in years. They suffered from “dentophobia,” or negative experiences at other offices lingered. 

At our practice, we take great pride in our authentic, non-judgmental approach to care. We combine our genuine caring with cutting-edge technologies. Due to these characteristics, we can both protect the teeth and promptly and optimally treat damage. 

Tooth-colored fillings and cavity repair

All treatments start with accurate diagnostics. Dr. Sahara blends her considerable expertise with cutting-edge technologies like digital x-rays. Using advanced tools, she can detect cavities that might otherwise go missed with earlier-generation tools. Likewise, she may rule out cavities that, with lesser tools, may be erroneously diagnosed as decay requiring treatment. 

Fillings are considered the “go-to” treatment for some cavities. These holes in the tooth are caused by progressive decay, which erodes the hard tissues of the teeth. Smaller cavities may be good candidates for this treatment, which involves applying a tooth-like dental material to quite literally “fill in” the hole or cavity. 

Dr. Sahara is happy to speak with you about the options available to treat cavities and other types of decay and damage to the teeth. For instance, a composite resin may be applied to the damaged tooth in layers. Once the tooth has been thoroughly cleaned and reshaped, the resin gradually builds up the lost tooth structure. As the material is added, Dr. Sahara hardens and strengthens it with a specialized dental instrument or curing light. All fillings and treatments at Gentle Dentistry of Newnan PC are approached with great care and support for your satisfaction and comfort. To discover our stress- and fear-free dentistry for yourself, call (470) 686-6667 to schedule your visit with Dr. Sahara today.

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